This page is devoted to attachments, implements, & parts for large and small equipment for farm or industrial uses.

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Please note that we try to be as careful as possible when entering descriptions and prices, but there is always a chance of error.
Attachments, Implements and Parts
Morgan Trailers, Inc. Parrish, FL
Fork lift attachment, 8'.  Fits Case fork lift.  
Can hold multiple forks.  8,000 lb. capacity.
(Trailer not included.)
$ 950                        #37
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Danuser hydraulic box blade, 6', 3 pt. hitch, yellow.  
No cylinder.  Good condition.

$ 750                        #117
Tractor bumpers, assorted  styles and sizes.
(Trailers & other equipment not included.)

$ 100 each               #132
Mast arm or universal boom attachment, 7' long,
galvanized steel.  It is selling
for $100.00.  (Tractor and forks are not included.)  We
have other sizes at other prices available at this time.  
$ 100                        # 5
3 pt. hitch tool bar w/ wheel attachment.  
Needs tires.  Tool bar is 7 1/2 ft. wide.  2
inch square solid steel bar.  Attachment
bars are 1 1/2" solid steel stock.
$ 200                        #232
Email us at:
Penco Auger Bit with Rock Teeth, 24".  
Fits 2"  Hex Kelly.
$ 250                        #21
Quick attach boom made by E.T.Co.  
Model JD310SE1398.  Fits John Deere
310SE backhoe loader.  4' boom.Square
holes at bottom are about 1.75".   Dia. of
hooks at the top is about 3".  Distance
between hooks and square holes is
about 21.5".  Distance between square
holes (center) at bottom:  approx. 17".    
$995             #257
Pair of John Deere wheel centers
with wedges and clamps.  Good
condition.  Yellow.
$ 250                        #450
by Ford / Dupont. Used in police cars to
safely carry guns, ammo, etc. and
organize equipment for quick access.
Factory label says: “POLICE TRUNK
DuPont KEVLAR used to reinforce front
wall for puncture resistance. Ford.
DuPont KEVLAR .” Used, but in good
usable condition. Could also be used
by hunters. Could possibly be used as
a feed trough for cattle, if securely
mounted in a trough frame or on a wall.
Would function well as a large planter, if
holes were drilled in the bottom to allow
drainage. Approx- imate dimensions:
46" wide. Back wall ht. 14". Middle
divider ht. 10". Front ht. 8". 27.5" front
to back. Sorry, NO LIDS.

$ 25 each ( Several available.) #372
Tractor draw bars with mounting brackets.  NEW
"take-off's."  Black.  Three piece kit.  Four kits available at
this time.  (Other parts, pto's, etc., are not included in sale.)
$ 100 each                #462
Aluminum double rectangular doors, for pet
cage or livestock pen.  Overall height:  27",
width: 77 5/8".  Door openings are 24" x 36".  
Two 5" hinges per door.  Pins lock doors.  
Excellent used condition.
$ 150                                #492
Aluminum double doors, for pet cage or
livestock pen. Overall height: 27", width: 52.5".  
Doors are generally square, but because of
piano hinge, door openings are 23.5" x 24"
each.  Pins lock doors.  Excellent used condition.
$ 100                                #491
pet or livestock cages or pens.  Overall
outside dimensions:  103.5”W x 53”H.  Three
hinges on each door for strength.  Each
door opening is 2’ x 4’.
$ 250                      #493

weights, 6 bolt holes.  
$ 150                #523
Pair of  Ford tractor wts,
round white.  4 bolt holes.
$ 150                #465
Mahindra Tractor
weights, 18 lb.
ea., mount several
ways.  Ex. Cond.
Many available!
$ 18 each.    #473
Pair of Firestone tractor wheels,
DW20-30 9-78 EWC, 30"diam. 22"wide.  
Excellent condition.  Possibly for
Kubota tractor.  Made in USA.  10 lug.  
Bolt holes approx. 3/4" (possibly
metric).  Ctr. Hole approx 8 3/4".  Bolt
circle approx 11 1/4".  
$275                                #555
33 gallon stainless steel water tank, 18 x 18 x
24". Used. 3" channel on bottom and about 3
or 4" loop and spout on top. Inlet: 2". Outlet or
drain: 3/4". Two available.
$150 each                       #557
NEW county surplus. Selling as a group
of SIX Esco teeth, Super Excavators.
Four are "tiger" teeth, V43vY, with one
point. Two are "twin tigers," V43TVY, with
two points.
$295                        #560
Five pack of Hensley X-156 Scarifier tooth shanks, bucket teeth and pins. Five
each:  822 X-156 6E shanks,  X-156 3E teeth, & pins.  New, county surplus.  
$150                        #561
"The Hitcher" heavy steel, removable
hitch align- ment system.  New.  Works
with ball hitch.  Three sizes to choose
from:  3/4", 1", or 1-1/4" ball. USA.  Free
shipping.  Several available.  Includes the
two pieces shown at left.  Pictures below
show how to assemble and use the
$39.95                        #563
TWO Pairs of forks.  Both sets are in
excellent used condition.  $195 each pair.

#565:  Pair of square block forks, 48"L x
2" square.  2.5" hole.  22" overall height.  

#566:  Pair of standard forks.  42" x 4" x
1.5" for 16" mount.
Sorry - this pair has
been SOLD!
Air hoses in good used condition:
a) Red hose, 3/4" dia. x 100' total length,
including coupling & grommets.  $75
b) Black heavy duty hose, 3/4" dia. x
100'L, 1250 psi,  Goodyear.  $150.   #605
Herd broadcaster seeder, Model #500, GT500,
G777A, GT-77-500. The following items are

A) Seeder / broadcaster WITH mounting bracket.
Mounting bracket is for 3 pt. hitch tractor, but
with a different bracket this seeder can be
mounted on pickup, ATV, etc. Excellent used
condition. No shipping. Local pickup only. $350

B) Seeder / broadcaster WITHOUT mounting
bracket. Brackets are available from Herd.  
Excellent used condition. No shipping. Local
pickup only. $250

C) Seeder "casting base" Model #500, GT500,
G777A, GT-77-500. New surplus part. Free priority
shipping. $165

D) Replacement hopper with free standard
shipping (add $20 for priority). New surplus. $70
Set of 4 caster brackets 4.5"L x 4"W x 4.5"H,
without wheels.  2 straight back wheels & 2
swivel front wheels.  4 mounting bolt holes
(3/8") on each bracket.  1/2" axle hole.  Bracket
can hold 4" diameter wheel.  Could be used for
mounting a pulley, as well.  Colson.  Surplus,
like NEW brackets, of plated steel.  20 sets
$20 each set of 4 caster brackets.       #613
We have many, many hitches,
new and used. Here are a few
Heavy duty loader bucket, quick attach,
in excellent condition.  Some surface
rust, but no structural damage - still
sound.  Bolt-on bucket lip.  Overall 76"w
x 42"H.  Inside bottom 34" deep.  Center
to center on couplings: 39.75".  Bottom
pin hole 1.75".  Top pin 3".  Center to
center on pins: approx 10.5"
$695                                #619
Sets of 4 block forks, 24"H x 2" square at the bend, varying size mount holes,
several sets available.        $300 for each set of 4 forks            #620
SP-9625 Handyman springs or Hobby Horse Springs,
NEW.  Made by Prime-Line.  1-1/16" x 5.5" x .120".  48.2
lbs safe load capacity.  Zinc plated.  (Shown at left.)          
$2.49 each  / 10 for $20                #7

Extension springs, NEW, 1" x 8.5" x .12".   Made by
Everbilt, # 170280, sold by Home Depot.  51.00 lbs. safe
working load.  Zinc plated.  Uses:  appliances,
automotive, outdoor furniture, gates, screen doors,
trampolines, toys, crafts.  (Shown at right.)
$3.49 each  /  10 for $30                #8
Attachments, continued:
Attachments:  Additional or supplementary devices.  Attachments for a
tractor could be something such as an FEL (front end loader), trailer hitch, wheel
weights, or draw bar.

Paraphrased from Pogobill, Tractor Forum, 05.19.2013, 06:54pm.
Accessories: products used mainly for convenience, attractiveness,
safety, etc.  Examples:  a spotlight, cruise control, or ROPS.
Parts and Miscellaneous:  things like truck seats, tires, wheels,
hoses, etc.
Implements:  Any article used in some activity, especially an instrument,
tool, or utensil.  Examples would be a plow, harrow, disc, mower, or other item
used for a particular activity.

Paraphrased from Pogobill, Tractor Forum, 05.19.2013, 06:54pm.
Email us at:
Kukje tractor weights.  52 lbs. each.  Set of 4 wheel weights.
$150 per set of 4.                        #648 C
Turnbuckles.  Galvanized.  Clevis on
one end, loop in the other end.  Most of
the clevis pins are missing.  Assorted
sizes.  Closed lengths are between 24"
and 36".  Rod diameter is 1 1/4".  
Excellent condition.  

$25 each.     Ten are available.
NEW hay fork, 44" spear.  Skid
steer or quick attach type.  Several
available.  Versatech or Tomahawk.
Other equipment not included.
$350                      #693
Pair of 6’ heavy duty forks.  Mount
hole 2.5”.  Width 5”.  2” thick.  (Mount
plates not included.)  
$1,000                        #708
USED Tomahawk skid steer forks, 42”, with Quick Attach carrier.   $650  #704
Pair of round tractor weights, 6 bolt
holes.  White.

$ 600                   #522
New Tomahawk fork frame, no forks.  We have several of these.     $500        #705
Set of 42"L forks, in excellent
condition.  Approximately 4"W x
42"L and fits a 16" frame.            
(Set 723A has been sold.)
$275                #723B
Universal forks, 5'L x 4"W, 2-1/2" thick, excellent condition.   $800      #749
NEW Skid steer mount plate
/ back plate, quick attach.  
Several available at this time.

$125                #707
2001 Vermeer
RC3000 Cable Reel
Carrier attachment.

Now only $2,500!
Tractor loader forks & frame.  Pin type, farm hitch, adjustable mounts.  Excellent
condition.  $650        #813
New 6’ Cat QT loader bucket with
skidsteer hook-up.  Very heavy

Hang on bucket forks, 48” long, 5.5” tall.  10,000 lb. cap.
Mfg. by Handy Lift, MOD 100.  Like new.  
$950 pair                        #840
New grader blades, 6” wide.  6’ & 7’ long.  

$200 each                #842
Set of 48" quick attach loader forks, WA 100, 5-STD, 5-CTW.  Komatsu.  6393
lbs.  17" from top to bottom pin.  39" CTC across mounting bracket.  Pin size:
1.5".  Excellent condition.
$950                        #814
ETC loader backhoe forks
with 5'W quick attach carrier.  
54"L forks.  3" top curl.  2"
square bottom hole.  Top of
curl to top of bottom mount is
21.5".  Mount brackets 17"
centers across.  Mounting
bracket is damaged, but
otherwise in good condition.  

$950                #837
JRB QT forks, 48"L, 5'W
mount.  Mod:  WB 140/150.  
Fit Komatsu WB 140 loader.  
29 5/8" CTC mount.  18" top
to bottom center.  Top hook
2".  Bottom hole 1 3/4".  
$1000 each            #956
Boom for Komatsu wheel
loader, WA70 - WA95. Quick
attach. Excellent condition.

$750         Item#879
6'W quick attach bucket, with 3pt QT
hookup.  2006 Star Industry model 1472
G. Fits 2008 & older JLG / Gradall G
Series telescopic forklifts.  715 lbs.  
Excellent condition.  We have two of
these buckets, at this time.  

$950 each                #880,  #881
Ditch closer, 3 pt
hitch, 16'W at
opening.  Good

$750        #913
Pemberton root rake, 9 tines.  10'W
on tines, 11' overall width.  Excellent
condition.  Fits Komatsu Model # WA
420 5 LR.  Ser # 2759 5 8.92. Top
hooks 4.5"ID.  16.75" CTC.  Bottom
rectangle 1.5" x 2.5".  Click on the
diagram of quick attach, above, to
enlarge it and check measurements.
$4,000                                #987
2009 Genie Fork Lift
Boom Bracket, quick
attach, hydraulic tilt.  
48" forks.  Excellent
$1,000        #883
Kenco jib wheel loader boom, 2007.  Fits John Deere 544
loader.   Top hole 2.75" di., bottom hole 2.25"di. Bottom CTC
40". Top to bottom CTC 15".   Top pin boss space 4.75".  
Bottom pin boss spaces are 3.75".  Pin on, excellent
condition.  (Before driving a long distance, measure your
machine and call us, to check the dimensions.)
$950                #921
Skidsteer mount brackets.                  $200                #954
Gradall Bucket 92" Wide X 35" Tall.  Good condition.
$500                        #960
EZ Go Golf Cart Covers.  Used.  Generally good condition.  A few scratches.
$30 each.          $50 set of front and back covers.                 #1008
Tree boom in good
condition.  Quick attach.
$500                #958
Loader Tree Boom. Fits Kubota R-520. Good Condition.
$500                        #959
Gradall Bucket 74" Wide X 36" Tall. Weight 675 lbs. 3000 lb.
capacity. Good Condition.
$600                        #961
Set of wheel loader forks, fits Caterpillar IT QT.  
$1,200               #988
Rockland wheel loader boom,
fits Caterpillar IT QT.

$1,000                #992
Block / Universal Fork
attachment for fork lift.
7'8"W x 48"H. Max Width of
Forks 7' Outside. Clips on
60" Wide Single Carrier.  
Only ONE available now.
$1,000                    #1012
Planter Wheels.  Total of 24
wheels. Various Depths and

$75 each wheel        #1025
QT Loader Bucket. 6' Wide 22 3/4 Center to Center. 2"
Top Hook. 1 3/4" Bottom hole inside diameter. Top to
bottom 10" Don't know application.

$500                #1026
We have gotten many questions about Cat IT QT couplers & the measurements.  
Here is an example of the measurements and a picture, to illustrate them.
  • Across the top of the hooks, center to center:  22.44"
  • Center of top hook to center of bottom hole:  20"
  • Opening of top hook:  2.5"
  • Diameter of bottom hole:  2"
If you need more information regarding Cat IT couplers,
I will email (not text) a spec sheet to you, which might be
helpful.  One of our customers was kind enough to share
it with me.  He received it from a
Caterpillar dealer.  We
are not experts in Cat products and can only give you
our best measurements.  You have to determine whether
they match your equipment or not.
Crane Boom:

3 Pieces,
1-30'L x 52"Sq.
1-20'L x 52" Sq.
Bottom Section
25' L Approx 8'
Wide, (tapers to
approx 5'W.)  
Three cables
also included.

$3,000  #1013
Crane Boom. 3 pieces:  2 - trussed sections: 10'L
x 28" Sq. &  1- Jib Boom 21'L Tapered.  
$850 for all 3 pieces.                 #1014

10' Jib boom, shown in pictures, is not part of the
3 piece crane.  It has been sold separately!
Gear head / auger / drill motor.
Hydraulic-driven.  Output shaft /
kelly bar 2.5" hex.  Green auger
mod # 720052, Ser.No. 16913.
1993. Eskridge Inc, Olathe, KS.  
Excellent condition. (Yellow
auger was sold.)
$750                #1029
Wheel loader forks.  Heavy duty.  48”L x
7”W x 3” thick.  Fits Cat 938 - F or G?
Hook up 21" center to center across the
top, curl 4”, bottom hole 2”, 21" top to
$2,500                #1057
Crane parts – sprockets:  80B 71F – 4 – 2SS – DWG.
Four available.          $75 each.      #1060
Pair of tractor wheels. 34"
diameter, 15"W, 3/4" lug,
16-3/4" bolt circle & 14-1/2"
Center hole. Adjustable
center. Excellent condition.

$250 for pair          #1061
Headache racks to fit
road tractors.  Approx.
measurements:  OA
96"H.  76"W at top.  Fits
34" frame.  Top of truck
frame to top of unit,
approx. 7', OA.  Five

$500           #1063        
Pair of forks, 48"L x 5"W, fit 20" carrier.  
Excellent condition, like new.  
$400        #1093
Komatsu loader bucket, with holes for bolt-on bucket lip.  
6'W x 3'H opening.  Center to center mounting brackets:
35".  Pin size: 1.5".  Top pin to bottom pin:  12-3/8".  Good
overall condition.

$900                                #757
NEW 48"W box tubing frames, weld-on for skidsteer hook-up.  4" box tubing, painted black.
$150                                                        #1089
Caterpillar IT Quick Attach
Loader Forks, 54”L x 5”W x
2.5” thick, extra heavy duty.  
Excellent condition.  

$2,500                #1087
2 row hole punch planter, 2 wheels per row, 9'W
overall. 3 pt. hitch. Set up on 4' row centers, 12" punch
spacing.  Excellent condition.
$900                #1135
Wheel loader rake.
Pin on- 3 pt hitch.
9 tine 10' Wide overall.
Good condition.  
See photos, for detailed
measurements of hook
$2,250                #1064
Skid steer
brush rakes,
NEW, unused,
landscaping /
leveling rakes.  
34"H x 70"W.  
13 tines,
approximately 5.5"
between each.  

$850        #1180
2016 Paladin grapple bucket in NEW
condition!  Model X.  Capacity: 2 cubic yards.  
Weight: 1950 lbs.  SN 444480.  Part # 13452.  
"Trash grapple," excellent for recycling
$4,400                        #1225
8' pin-on root
rake, 4 pins.
Modified for
pushing trees.  
One bottom tine
moved.  40.25"
center to
center, 18" top
to bottom, 1.75"

$3,400   #001A  
Quick attach Caterpillar wheel loader boom fits Cat 950 &
other model loaders.  Adjustable: 2 stage, 8’ closed, 13’
extended.  Measures: 20.75" across center to center, 4" top
hook, 2" pin, 21" top to bottom & center to center.  #2
coupler.  Very good condition.                     
$2000      #1241
8’ Wheel Loader QT Root
Rake fits Volvo L-60 and other
models. Good condition.

$3,750                #1269
CAT 930 H Forks & IT
QT Coupler. 8’W w/ 5’
forks. Excellent

$3,750           #1266.  
Volvo Quick Coupler for Track
Hoe MOD 340, like NEW.        

(Fits Volvo Bucket on this

$4,900                #1280
36” Double Cut Conical Rock
Auger Bit, NEW 4/2019.  1,466 lbs.
$1,900.         #3B
NEW heavy duty roller.  4'1.5" x 37" diameter.  Opening is 5.5" diameter.
$750                      #1325

NEW Hydraulic

25"W x 48"H.

Gentec Equip. Inc.

$2450        #1324
3 pt Row
Marker with

43'W overall.

Good condition

Needs new

$1450      #1321

5' Countyline

3 point hitch.

Good used

$900        #1323
V plow / ditch plow in good condition.
$1750        #1226 B
6’ Gill Woods roll over box blade, Model R-20, NEW surplus.
$1900                2A