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Tagalong Trailers
Morgan Trailers, Inc. Parrish, FL
Morgan Trailers, Inc. Parrish, FL
Utility / Cargo Trailer, with NEW axle, wheels, tires, springs, and brakes in 2013.  Single axle, 5 x 10', steel
mesh tail gate, steel floor, wood sides with steel uprights.  5,000 lb. capacity.  Military hitch.  6 lug tires.  Good
condition.                $1550                             #92
Farm Wagon, off road use only, 8'
x 10' deck.  10,000 lb. capacity.  

$ 999                      #228
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GreensWagon - transport your walk behind
greens mowers.
 Mower locks up and off the deck of
the GreensWagon.  Drum, height adjustment roller, and
bedknife are protected against damage.  Perforated
deck for easy cleanup with the mower on or off of the
Wagon.  Easy slide out ramp - takes seconds to load
the mower, engage the lock-down mechanism, and
slide the ramp back in.  According to the maker, it
adapts to every current production walk behind mower
from John Deere, Toro, and Jacobsen with the transport
wheels on or off.  If you don't have a mower, you could
adapt this small trailer to pull behind a golf cart.  Two
available.  Good  used condition.

$ 100                               #408
Arrowboard trailer in good condition, 2500 lb.
cap.  Arrow is not working.  Trailer could be
converted to wire reel trailer, could carry large
grill, could carry tank, or for other purpose.
$ 495                                            #516
Tool trailer, ball hitch, 2 removable lids, all
steel construction.  An excellent choice for
conversion to a grill.  Good used condition.

$500                                        #93
4' x 7'6" frame on this tagalong trailer.  4,000 lb. capacity.  Overall good condition.  
Military hitch & mobile home axle.  Needs wiring and lights.
$600                                #639
4' x 8' frame on this tagalong trailer.  6,000 lb. capacity.  Overall good condition.  No
floor.  Military hitch.
$500                                        #640
1999 PCMS signboard trailer w/ 2" ball and military flip hitch.  Good
$800                        #641
Large 2004 message board trailer.  Rotating board.  We have the title.   
$2000                                        #642
5' x 14' single axle trailer with ramp.  3,500 lbs. capacity.  5 lug.  New tires &
bearings.  Excellent condition.
$1,250                                #734
8' x 20' tandem axle trailer in good
condition.   10,000 lb. capacity, 6 lug,
Tagalong with  2  5/16" ball.  Wood floor in
fair condition.  As you can see, we use it!  
The storage box and gooseneck are not
included in this sale.
$2,950                #759
1991 Allegheny Material Handler Trailer, 27'L x 8'W. White. Overall Good Condition.
$2,000                                #985
1997 Tandem Axle Trailer.  Has 8 Pockets
with 4" Channel Uprights. 19' x 70"W.  PVC
pipe, which can weigh about 800 lbs. per
stick, not included in this sale.
$2,100                        #1010
2016 United Alloy trailer. Pintle Ring. 3500 lb capacity.  3'7"
wide 8' long. New Condition.

$850                     #1034
2011 Zieman Single Axle Trailer. Pintle Ring. 4'x8' Good Condition.
$950                        #1035
2002 MGS Tandem Axle Trailer. 7000 lb. GVW 50" wide 10'6" long. Pintle Hitch.
Electric Brakes. No floor. Had Generator mounted. Good Condition.
$1,600                     #1032
2004 Triton Tandem Axle Trailer. 38" wide 7.5" long. 7000 lb capacity. Excellent Condition.
$1,250                        #1033
Heavy duty 12' tandem axle
material handler trailer. 6.5"
inner dimension width.  Capacity
12,000 lbs.  Pintle ring.  Good

$2,200                #1130
Off-road farm trailer 16'L x 8'W. Canopy
frame. Box rollers in ctr. Could use for harvest
or covered lunch area.  Deck fair condition.  
Overall good condition.  
$2,900                        #1155