Below are some of our current truck bodies,
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with descriptions, and prices!  

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Trucks, Bodies, Beds, & Boxes,
Morgan Trailers, Inc. Parrish, FL
Truck box, 14', roll-up door.  
Very good condition, inside
and out.  Trailer and other
items are not for sale, only
this box.

$ 1750                        #57
BUMPERS AND BRUSH GUARDS made to order.  Much of our
repeat business is due to the quality of our custom welding.  

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This customer wanted steps on each end of the bumper so he could
easily look into the engine.
See other details:  mesh brush guard, the three hitch box tubes, etc.  
Notice how the bumper is fitted to the shape of the truck, just below the
lights, exactly the way the customer wanted it.   This bumper is just an
example of our work.  Contact us to make an appointment to discuss
YOUR custom welding project.
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Shipping container / cargo box.  20'.  Several to choose.  Good condition.     $2,100 each.
40' cargo box / shipping container in good condition. Several available   $3,000 each.
High cube cargo box / shipping container in
good condition.  Several available.

$3,000 each, depending upon condition.
Supreme Truck Bed Extra
Heavy Duty Floor. 24'X102"
9 adjustable straps and
winches.  6' headboard.
Overall Good Condition.

$3,000                        #1073
2003 Ford F-350 Service
Truck.  9’ Reading utility
body.  5.4 L gas motor.  
170,000 mi.  Single rear tires.  
Was Co. Parks & Recreation
vehicle.  Good / excellent
$8,450      #1081              
Now only $7900!   
NEW 8' steel cargo box / shipping container.  Overall
dimensions: 77"W x 8'L x 7'H.  36"W side door, 32" x 32"
sliding window, double end doors.   Everything locks.  
$2,900                        #1104
Supreme Aluminum truck
box with roll-up door &
aluminum floor.  8'W x
24'L.  Good overall

$3,000                #1102
Neelco All Aluminum Truck Bed,
Fiberglass Spray Tank, & Arrow
Board. Bed is in excellent condition.
$2,500                #1296
Baker aluminum utility truck body w/ aluminum tool boxes, previously owned by State of FL. Excellent condition.  
We don't know what kind of truck, it was on, but it must have been pretty big, as this body had a bucket, boom and
outriggers.  You can see where the bucket was, in the front of the body.  The outrigger controls were once mounted
on the sides.  It previously belonged to the State of FL.  Here are some measurements that might help you decide if it
will fit your truck:  Front of body to center of wheels: 6';  Truck frame:11'L;  Truck body: 12'6" overall length, including
bumper step;   Frame: 37" maximum width, but would fit 34" frame, too;  Truck body: 8'3" overall width.  If you wanted
to put a boom & bucket, it should work.  If not, there is room in the front for something else: a generator, a welder, an
extra tool box, etc.  Very well built utility body, which you can judge better in person.
$2250                      #1295
24' x 8' truck bed, flatbed w/ pockets & head
board Ox Bodies.  Actual
width: 8'-3.5".   Good condition.
$2750                        #1294