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Antiques, Furniture, &
Morgan Trailers, Inc. Parrish, FL
"Masterench" Chrome Vanadium set by Heller Bros. (Heller Brothers).  10", 8", and 6" wrench set.  All are marked on both
sides.  Double click on the picture to see it larger for details.   Would make a nice gift.  Would look great mounted on a wall
plaque.  Has what looks like a tiny donkey, mule, or horse on the handle, near the hole.  For more information on these tools,
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1.        8" is marked, but measures almost 8.5". Says "PAT." and has the following dates:   4.14.25   11.12   7.3.27   29
2.        6" is marked, but measures almost 6.25". Says "PAT." and has the following dates:   4.14.25   7.5.27
3.        10" is marked, but measures almost 10.5". Says "PAT." and has the following dates:   7.15.27   11-12   4.14.25   29   
(The 4.14.25 might be 4.14.23, not sure.)

Set of 3 for $50, with free priority shipping.    Item # 450    
Email us at:
Toy folk art handmade rocking horses, toddler size.  These are sold as collectible folk art, not toys to be
used.  They are very sturdy, pieces screwed together tightly, and hand painted.  We do not know what type
of paint was used.  There were once some decals on the horses, but only traces of them remain.  We have
2 of these cute horses, almost identical, except for slight differences due to the hand made characteristics
and some wear marks.  Would look great on either side of a fireplace, etc.
$ 30 for the pair.                          $20 each.                                #452  
Cast iron grate with ornate design in excellent condition. Approx. 23 x 12".  From an estate, the
old guy collected architectural metal pieces from old churches, etc. I don't know how old it is. It
has holes at each corner and in the center rose. Someone has screwed rubber cushions into the
holes, but one is missing. With rubber cushions, it could be
$40 (FREE SHIPPING)                        #624
Pair of aluminum benches. 15' L.
Back and seat 9.75"W. Bottom
frame 42"x 16'8". Benches can
be unbolted from bottom frame.
MFG by Kwik Goal.  Excellent
Condition.  Could possibly be
used for seating on a hay ride or
pontoon boat. Holes might be
drilled, so that some sort of seat
belt could be used.
$500 for pair        Item #1043