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Outdoor Cookers, Grills, Smokers,
& Restaurant Equipment
Morgan Trailers, Inc. Parrish, FL
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All stainless steel commercial grill.  Top opening front and back, removable stainless
steel cooking racks.  Stainless steel expanded metal racks 7" below cooking racks .  On
skids, with deadeyes for pulling.  Rotissery ready, but not included.  See end flaps in
photo.  Cabinet dimensions:  44"H x 41"W x 73"L.  Total area of cooking racks:  3' x 6'.

Fantastic buy at only $ 2500.  
NOW ONLY $2250!              #220
Email us at:
Outdoor fireplace with removable grilling rack.  Unlike the grills made from 55 gal. drums, this
fireplace is made of 3/8" steel!  Not for indoor use.  Tall smoke stack helps channel smoke
away from you.  Expanded steel door is curved to fit just right.  The rack (double click photos
to see details) has steel rims to help you keep those hot dogs from rolling into the fire.  The
steel rods that hold the rack and the door are easily removed for cleaning or moving.  Two
heavy duty steel handles are welded to the top.  They can be used to tip the fireplace over on
its side and roll it to a new location.  You can also use them for chains to hoist the fireplace.  
Pallet is not included in the sale.  8.5' tall.  Tank is approx. 80"H, with outside diam. 41" &
inside diam. 40".  Front opening is 27"W x 42"H.  There is no bottom.
$ 350                                                        #236
Fire pit with foot rest all the way around.  Round grill rack fits top with no gap and has raised rim to prevent hot dogs from rolling off.  
Easy to remove the rack or just raise it to add coals.  Keep you feet warm without burning your soles on the surrounding foot rest.  Three
feet to raise it off the ground (required at some parks).  Approx. 2 feet across pit.
NOTE:  We custom build these fire pits, so you can get it the way you want it.  
Leave off the grill rack or the foot rest,and it will be cheaper.
This one has all the bells and whistles, for                  $ 375                        #237
LOT of 24:  Cambro 1596CW Polycarbonate School
Lunch Cafeteria TRAYS / PLATES,
NEW in original BOX.  (Box is not in good condition,
but plates are perfect!  I will pack this box inside
another box to ship.)  BEIGE.  6 compartments:  
silverware, entree, and 4 other.  Great for picnics,
barbecues, kids (foods don't touch!), buffets at the
clubhouse, by the pool, or casual retro dining.  
Dishwasher safe plastic.  "2 X 2" which means you
can put 2 trays side by side in a commercial
dishwasher.  Lightly textured handles on each side
to help little fingers hold on to the tray.  Gentle slope
to sides of compartments aids draining and makes
for fast drying.  
Approx.  size:  15" x 9" x 1" (Says 10 x 14 on box).  
Approx. 20 lb. shipping wt.  Free shipping for parcel
post.  Priority will cost more, but is safer.  No charge
if you pick them up.  (This is a great bargain, as
these trays sell for $130 - $150 regularly from
$ 49.95 / box of 24                       #456 B
Aluminum baker's rack with
slant shelves.  On wheels.  
New Age commercial item.  
Holds 25.75" x 18" sheet pans
perfectly, perfect fit.  Excellent
$ 50                        #401
Table top condiment & menu
caddy.  NEW.  H2 Tablet
Holder.  Clear plastic or acrylic.  
2 sections.  4"H x 4.5"W x 9"L.  
Could be used to hold menu in
back of condiments, napkins in
narrow front section.  Could
also be used to display small
brochures, etc., in an office
$ 3.50 each                #410
$32 per box of 64
NEW grill with approximately 10 square feet of cooking area on expanded steel grates.  
Lots of details.  Handles on door.  Smokestacks can be closed off.  Clean-out and air
vent at the bottom of the grill.  Good control of air flow.  Steel loop on top for easy
pickup.  Note curved grate to fit snugly inside cooker.
$ 600                                    #505
(Jobox 2 door cabinet in the picture is not included in the sale.  Both the grill and the
cabinet can be purchased for $800.)
Aluminum warming cabinet, 1 door, holds
commercial bread pans.  Doesn't work,
but it would make a great smoker, with
all the ready-made slots.   69"H x 30.5"W
x 19.75"D.  Sold AS IS.
$ 195                                #499
Electrical panel box or cabinet, lg.,
in excellent condition.  Don't think
the electrical parts work, as most of
it is gone, but the box could be
used to store tools or chemicals.  It
could also be made into a nice
smoker.  65"H x 31"W x 15"D.  
$ 200                             #514
NEW aluminum cabinet smoker.  
Removable wood box drawer.  
Adjustable expanded steel racks.  
Smokestack.  Lockable.  Sturdy
steel legs.  Already vented.  
Cabinet:  18"D x 30"W x 48"H.  
Drawer:  10" x 6" x 18".  Legs:  18"
H.  Overall height:  approx. 66"

$500                        #540

(Or have one custom built for you.  
Prices vary with customer’s
USED DEMO 5' BBQ grill on trailer w/
steel work table.  Approximately 10 sq. ft.
cooking area on expanded steel grates.  
Closeable smokestacks control air flow.  
Clean-out & air vent at bottom.  Lights,
chains, jack.
$1350                                                #532
HUGE colander / strainer, for  
commercial / restaurant stock
pots.  Aluminum, in excellent used
condition.  Approx. overall
dimensions:  21" dia. at the top
rim, 17" ht.  Steel handles. When  
I calculated the vol. for a cylinder:
17"H x 21"dia.= 25 gal.  Since the
sides are slanted, it holds a little
less than that.  For continental
$45                                #575
Aluminum commercial baking pans, full sheet,
approx 24.5" x 17" x 1".   Item #15 & Item #654.
Pans in good used condition (see photo) - $7.50 each.   
Pans that are dented or dirty are extra cheap - only $3 each.
Commercial racks on casters, in several styles - $100 each.
New BBQ / smoker / grill, 250 gal. tank, display model.  
Can be customized to suit buyer.  Approx.
measurements:  88" overall width x 50" overall height (w/o
the stand, which is not included in the price); 30"
diameter.  Two doors, 17" x 33" each opening.  Presently
unfinished.  Will build racks, firebox, etc., for your needs.
$950 "as is"                                #631
Rational CPC 102 ClimaPlus Combi OVEN. The
oven is 480V, 3 phase, electric. It is programmable
to use a variety of cooking methods: steam,
convection, and combinations. It has a
self-cleaning function, which uses a cleaning liquid.
[We pulled the oven out of storage to take pictures.
It is in a dry box, not left out in the rain!]

The stand is included. It can hold baking pans and
is open front and back for pass-through
convenience. A used stand, alone, is often sold for
around $1000.

Rational still supports this oven. They can provide
service, parts and manuals. If you would like to ask
them about this oven, the ser. no. is
E12CD02011060792. It was manufactured in 2002.

This oven was recently in service in a county
school system in central FL. It appears to be in
excellent condition and is very clean.

We have 5 of these ovens at this time, all in
excellent condition.

$4995   Now only $3950!              
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Full size perforated drop pans,
stainless steel, steam table.  

1) Heavy, 2" or 4" deep, $15 each
2) Thin, light duty pans, $10 each
3) Lids, $12 each
Item #654 A
Aluminum stock pots.  New without lids or
used with lids.

$20 each                #654D
Aluminum full size sheet pans.  Very
good used condition.  

$7.50 each                     #654G
Aluminum stacking
8" dough pans.
Excellent used
$5 each    #654E
Commercial sink, 3 compartment stainless
steel, with drainboard & removable top shelf.  
Basins are 16"W x 26"L x 13"D.  Overall length:
8'.  Overall height with shelf: 56.5".  Without
shelf: 42".  SS legs.  Nice used condition.  $795.
Aluminum traffic light signal control cabinet. Some electronic components included, as you can see.  We have several traffic
controller boxes similar to this one.  Great for various uses in home or commercial setting.  Can be locked, so good for tool or
chemical storage.  Also make great smokers!  All are in excellent condition.  Approx. measurements for LARGE BOXES,
VARYING SIZES:  38” to 40” wide, 27” to 28” deep (includes door), 56” to 60” high.

$250  each                                                                                                         Item #373
Assorted restaurant or baker carts, short or tall, stainless steel or aluminum, used.
Manufacturers, styles and sizes vary.  
  • Aluminum carts, approx. 16"W x 28"L, short or tall.
  • Stainless steel carts, approx. 16"W x 28"L, short or tall.
  • We are running out of the tall SS carts that are 20"W x 27"L.  
All carts have wheels and are in very good or excellent condition.

$75 each.             #729
stainless steel
custom grill
Food waste recovery bins on four
wheels.  They have drains in bottom, for
Can hold 300 lbs (six 50
lb.bags) of feed!  Double walled, so
would be great for icing drinks!
good condition.  10 available.

$85 each or all 10 for $750.         #650
3 compartment stainless steel sink,  
overall dimensions: 100"W x 44"H to
top of backsplash.  Sinks
approximately 24" sq. x 13.5"deep.  
37"H to the front lip.  Some stains in
sink, but overall good condition.
$500                #896A
This tall, heavy steel BBQ grill / burn pit makes cooking
easier on your back! Made from a steel tank, the walls
are thicker than the grills you get at the big box stores.  
Approximately 3' high, 2' in diameter. Over 2 square feet
of cooking grate, which can be swung away from heat or
easily removed. Has three legs. Newly constructed.
Other sizes may be available for custom order. Prices will
vary with sizes and styles. Grill, as pictured, is $175.

$175                        #13E
Stainless steel shelf / shelving unit, overall dimensions: 87”H x 9’ 3.25”W x
13.5”D.  Plexiglass removable dividers.  Excellent condition.
$500                                #27e
Aluminum smoker with two adjustable smoke stacks and two removable drawers.  Adjustable vents at back and side.  
Sturdy steel legs.  Removable steel racks can be set at different heights.  Custom built for you. Legs, drawers, racks,
and stacks may be removed for safe transport.   Price is for smoker similar to the one in pictures.  Price will change with
modifications.                                     $1,250                                    #35e
Three ( 3 ) compartment sink with handwashing sink, excellent condition.  Overall
dimensions:  37" front to wall, 120"W (including hand sink), 45" total height at backsplash.  
From front lip to floor: 35".  Front lip to backsplash: 34.5".  Width of three sinks without hand
sink: 103".  Three sinks are 20" x 31" x 14" deep.  Drain boards 20" x 32".                             
$1,100                #1098
Three ( 3 ) compartment sink with
handwashing sink & two drain boards.  
High quality, heavy duty, excellent
condition.  Overall dimensions:  37"
front to wall,  8'W, 41.5" total height at
backsplash.  From front lip to floor:
35.5".  Front lip to backsplash: 35".  
Three sinks are 18" x 30" x 14" deep.  
Drain boards 19.5" x 33".  Backsplash
     $950                #1100
23.5" x 15.5" x 5" stacking / nesting / vented hi-density food grade
plastic container. Polyethylene, freezer safe, 2.55 lb. wt. each.
Capacity up to 25 lbs. Mfg. Thunder Bird Plastics. Great for small fruit,
like blueberries. EXCELLENT condition.  950 available. We gladly
accept business checks, but no credit or debit cards!  
Volume discount for large quantity purchases:
100 for $7.00 each               250 for $6.00 each
500 for $5.00 each               800 for $4.00 each
NO minimum purchase required:   only $10 each!           #25E