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Construction Materials &
Morgan Trailers, Inc. Parrish, FL
Screw Bases,
NEW (surplus).   
Large screw bases
have 15" bolt circle.  
Inner diameter 8",
length 5'.  Smaller
sizes are available,

$100 each               
Email us at:
Rebar – unused surplus #5
13” pieces   (approximately 300
pieces available)    
@ $  .50 each piece      #331
This golf cart sized cattle guard is
custom built to
set into the ground. 6'
x 8' with 1.25" pipe 4" on center and
2.5" space between pipes.  Steel
frame is made of 12" stair channel.  
Unpainted.  (Other sizes can be built.  
Prices would vary according to
materials and man hours.)
$1020                        # 001
Boat mold dolly with 3 bunks made of wood &
fiberglass.  Bunks are 3" thick and can be removed or
modified.  Frame of 3" x 6" box tubing, 22'8"L x 7'W.  4
swivel casters.  Excellent condition.

$1250                        #601A
Radiators, assorted sizes.  I don't know how old these are,
but they were the heaters for a church, which was torn
down. They were then owned by an old guy who wanted
to use them, but never got around to it, just kept them  in
storage. His estate sent them to auction and my husband
bought them, so your guess, as to their age, is as good as
mine.  They appear to be in good used condition.
(Because they were painted in place, the backside has not
been repainted, like the front. You don't have room to paint
between the radiator and the wall.) The maker is on them:
American Radiator Co. We tried to weigh one of the
medium sized radiators (9 sections or fins) and it weighed
approximately 316 lbs. All of the measurements below are
approximate. We are asking $20 per fin.  All of the
radiators are 38"H and 9"D. Widths are in the table below.  
Item #615.
Qty----#fins-----W"-------price each
1---------4--------13"-------$ 80
Cablofil wire mesh cable trays, 10' x 18" x
6", electrozinc plated steel sections.  Mod#
CF150/450EZ.  UNSPSC #39121204.  
Capacity 78.85 Lbs Per 6 Ft Section.  
Graingers has this listed for $350 per
section.  Save by buying these slightly used
sections in excellent condition!

$40 each 10' section,
3 sections for $100.                             #663
NRQHP coring rods, core sample drilling pipes, high quality alloy
steel,  2.5” inside diameter, 90 lbs. each rod.
$45 each                       #670
PVC pipes, in good condition.  New shipment!  Temporarily reduced prices!  
Call today!
#809 A  Used PVC pipes,  16" x 20',  $200 each.
#809 B  Used PVC pipes,    8" x 20',  $  50 each.
Sorry, the 8" is sold out!
#809 C  Used PVC pipes,  10" x 20',  $  70 each.
New purchase!  Heavy 16” x 20’ PVC pipes.  Used, good condition.
$200 each, while they last!                #809A
48.5" x 61" x 5/8" -------- 20.54 sq. ft. ------ 524 lbs. ------- $256.75
60" x 72" x 5/8" -------- 30 sq. ft. -------- 765 lbs. ---------$375.00
Road plate, various sizes,
all pcs. 5/8" thick.

25.5 lbs. per sq. ft. $0.50 per lb.

Choose from 9 pieces, in
excellent condition.

Two examples are:
2 -  25' pieces of 10"
Channel approx. 3"
Flange. Extruded
Alum. 1/2" web
thickness. All New
Surplus Excellent
condition. Does
have some stains.
$400 each.
2 - 24' pieces of 6"x6" Square extruded aluminum
box tubing. 1/4" wall thickness. All New Surplus
Excellent condition. Does have some stains.
$300 each.